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Etienne Bussières

Etienne Bussières

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Yelp, the digital solution for local business

Publié le 7 Avril 2014, 07:47am

Catégories : #digital

Two months ago, a major digital company moved from London to Dublin. Even if it's not famous enough in Europe at the moment, this company found the best solution to give local and relevant reviews to its users, and earn money in the same time...

This company is Yelp !

Indeed, Yelp.com offers information about local business around you! Thanks to the yelpers community, you can get useful information about a restaurant, a hotel but also a barber, a recruiting agency, a gym, a park, a wall in a street...

You can also write reviews and be part of the yelpers community animated by very nice community managers (comments, photos, events...).

The stick you can display in your shop to promote your page on Yelp

The stick you can display in your shop to promote your page on Yelp

Yelp becomes more and more famous in Europe and in my mind, it's a very good thing! But why?

First because Yelp is the only relevant social network to use if you want to schedule an activity in town. Yelp uses a specific algorithm for its reviews that allows to have relevant tips and advices.

Then, Yelp succeed where giants like Google and Facebook always failed. They managed to develop a quality service for local business (nevermind the size) and earn money thanks to it!!

So if you are a local business you can find with Yelp an efficient advertising solution in order to develop your image online and just on your business area. You will have a personalized service with a contact to answer your questions. Yelp's account managers can also help you to develop you image by advising you to improve your texts, photos and videos to describe your business!

For every business you can find a solution in relation with your budget.

Even if Yelp is not (yet) the most famous social network, you could enjoy a quality trafic on your business page and give your information to people that loves going out and finding good places to spend their time (and their money)!

The Social Local Mobile (SoLoMo) trends is now one of the most important online trend, and Yelp has understood that. It is one of these companies that is winning the war of local business solution even againt giant social networks!

So if you have a shop in town, go contact them and give your business the best visibility possible!!

You can get more info about Yelp's solution following these links :

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